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RST Affiliated Program


RST LED Lighting has provided world class LED Lighting products to create a fulfilment chain and ordering system that makes it easy for YOU to sell and PROFIT with LED lighting products.

LED Lighting is in its infancy. Many believe that LED Lighting is the next major revolution in the lighting industry. There have only been two such "revolutions" in the history of lighting; Thomas Alva Edison created the filament light bulb. We then saw the introduction and very rapid adoption of Fluorescent light tubes. LED (or Solid State Lightning) technologies are the next Eco-Friendly and sustainable "revolution" in lighting.

RST Ecoenergy Private Limited, provides business solutions that offer quick start-up, complete ordering and fulfilment system, 360 degree marketing solution, an optional Internet website call/text management system, and android, window and ios based company chat application product that has a proven track record and the technical support to make you successful!

RST Affiliation Program

We have meticulously crafted this program for a limited number of participants. This is a once in a life-time opportunity that you can't afford to miss!

The opportunities with LED Lighting are endless. - Just think about the potential sales opportunities for LED LIGHTS......
  • Every building, parking lot, home, business, municipality, etc. has lighting and the Electrical costs of operation.
  • LED Lighting sells itself - It really is a "no-brainier" to purchase and install LED Lights where ever possible! We will provide you with the calculations that can be done on the back of a napkin in 20 seconds in front of your potential client - that will close the deal - on the spot.
  • Those that understand the benefits, energy savings, and longevity of LED Lighting are already scrubbing the web looking for places to buy LED lighting! - The benefits far outweigh the initial costs and ROI is super quick. As more and more people start to see LED Lighting and start to understand the IMMEDIATE benefits, there will be a windfall of people searching and buying LED Lighting as soon as they can.
  • "Electricity Costs are not going to be decreasing anytime soon - Let's face it; they're climbing at staggering rates."

    We at website hear it just about every day from our customers

    My electric costs are going through the roof right alongside all energy costs!

    Our Customers feel good about doing something for our environment by purchasing and installing LED Lighting. These customers (after being briefly educated by our team and website) come to learn that they can reduce their INDIVIDUAL impact on our environment by decreasing energy consumption and consequently save lots of money at the same time. It's a win-win situation.

    Our world is going GREEN - More attention and concern about our planet, our individual and collective impact on our communities, cities and future generations is real.