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When shopping of LEDs, Make sure that you buy good quality bulbs from reputable and innovative manufacturer.


You can compare RST LEDs with any of its contemporaries present in the market today.

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We claim about our world class LED quality without any second thought with cheap rate.

Changes habit

It may not be necessary to replace an entire light bulb, but just the tiny LED inside it, leaving very little material to discard.

Consider Quality of Product

We are not providing cheap rate of product due to we are believing in best quality of Product for consumers. If you think about the cheapest rate so we are not able to provide you. We are using world class LED Chip in which OSRAM and CREE.

About Us

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as RST Eco Energy Pvt. Ltd established in 27, February 2014. This is very innovative start-up deals with most innovative and cost effective product for consumers.

This is very first and only one start-up they meets the customer's needs and requirement. There is a general need for more studies that combine several techniques; exploiting the best of each and using these practically.


RST LED Lights Powered by RST Ecoenergy Private Limited

RST is the most useful nomenclature in the field of electrical engineering its means Reseau Scientifique et Technique (French: Scientific and Technical Network) and to identify the phases of 3-phase system, we give to each of them a name, such as A-B-C, or R-S-T, or R-Y-B (in this case, red-yellow-blue, if we assign a colour to each phase, for easy visual identifications). 'R-S-T' was a German standard used to identify each of the three lines


RST Home and Office Lights

As a part of continuous process of product innovation and augmentation, RST has introduced a range of LED Lighting products under brand name-RST. As driver is very critical and important part in LED Lighting, our strong semiconductor background helps us in selecting the right and quality components which is used in producing LED IC based drivers and totally MADE IN INDIA. Our founder believing in Made in India not Make in India.


RST Outdoor & Industrial Lights

Last But not least I don't believe we have to be better than everybody else. I believe we have to be better than you ever thought you could be. So we are not able to explain our quality of Product in own words, Just Use them and explain in your words. Let's Give Light Better. We are not compromising with quality in the comparison of Price. We are providing world class LED Quality Product.